Strap N' Guard® in a Tradeshow in Vegas, February 2016

 Strap N’ Guard® launched in 2012. Since our launching we have managed to sell our products to people located and in all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marshall Islands, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, China and more countries to date. In addition to our own website we also sell some of our products through Amazon, Etsy,, Ebay.

Our successful rapid growth thus far was do to a void in the fashion market to a much needed product that solves the common problems that ladies have encountered over many decades with their fashion wears.

Our company offers optimal solutions products to help women support everyday wear. Fashion dilemmas such as strapless malfunctions, broken bra straps, slipping bra straps, slipping shoulder pads and limiting bras are tackled. Instant fixes include the Universal Pin-On Hooks. Our Patent-pending product has an innovative universal pin-on functionality for bra straps. The removable straps built in pin-latch hooks give wearers multiple looks and ultimate support to their everyday wears.

Strap N' Guard® Pin-Straps™️ multi-functional products gives women a choice of wearing a bra or going braless. They even work in swimwear. Unlike ordinary bra hooks, our Universal all-in-one Pin-On Bra Hooks have multiple functions. The hooks pin latch to a bra, and/or garments, to engage straps wherever a personalized fit is needed. As every woman’s size is different, this makes breast support optimal. No more sewing bra loops or bra straps, and no more expensive trips to the tailors. Our straps innovative pin-latch bra hooks eliminate the need. Saves the wearer time and money.  With Strap N’ Guard women don’t have to limit their fashion options.

Strap N' Guard® Pin-Straps™️ are comfortable, easy to use and looks flawless. Women around the world can now within seconds transform a new stylish look to their garments while also having the best support and enjoy wearing with confidence strapless clothing, bra straps, swimwear, bras and more.

We offer a diverse line of innovative wardrobe essentials and continue to add solution products through out the year...

Coming Soon! - Our extended line of wardrobe essentials; Body shapers with Pin Straps, shoulder pads with our pin-latch bra hooks, convertible bras with Pin Straps, shapewears with Pin Straps, swimwear with Pin Straps, bra inserts and more! by Strap N' Guard®.

IN THE MEDIA: As seen and Featured The Sun Sentinel, a respected Florida Newspaper.