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How often do you throw away your bra because your straps have worn out?

First thing to go from your bra is your bra straps. Does your straps tend to get stretched out, worn out, damaged while laundering, or your bra loops constantly break leaving you unsupported? "Don't throw your bra away!" Our innovative replacement Pin Straps™️ can quickly within seconds replace your worn out bra straps while giving you the best support. No sewing. Easy to use. Instant fix and lift!

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Say Goodbye to Your Strapless Falling!

Are you tired of tugging on your strapless? Or are you're looking for the best support? Unlike others straps, Our patented Pin Straps™️ built in technology have 2 options for attachment "hooks and Pin-latch to virtually every bra and the built in pin-latch secures strapless clothing too!", gives you the ultimate support. Guaranteed!

Instant Fix and Lift Every Time!

 Save Your Bra!

Don't you hate it when your bra hook comes off? Or how about when your bra loop breaks? Don't Throw Away Your Bra! Strap N' Guard®️ Pin Straps™️ within seconds provides an instant fix and keeps your straps in place all day, every day. 

Our built in Pin-Latch Hooks discreetly and safely attaches right onto your bra loop or anywhere you need them. There's no need to sew! Your bra will be ready for use again in no time!

Get FREE Shipping in the U.S.A. on all orders $19.99 or more! 

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Here on our online store we carry the world most versatile bra straps. Fashion dilemmas are tackled! Instant fixes include our Patents pending universal Pin-Latch Bra Hooks. Ultimate support for preventing strapless malfunctions, replacing worn out bra straps with ease, unlimited engagement, no sewing and for keeping bra straps from slipping off while feeling sexy, classy and looking stylish.

Our optimal solutions products help women support their everyday wear, making this your one-stop shop for must-haves fashion essentials with our innovative pin-latch hooks for every gal fashion wear needs; bra straps, clear bra straps, bandeau strapless tube tops sports bra, bra extenders, backless bras, bra strap holder, adhesive bras, replacement bra straps, rhinestone crystal dress strap, bra with clear straps, fabric bra straps and more.

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"Works great for strapless dresses def. A+++" by j Guz (Customer)

"Useful. The safety pin part of this is fantastic. So wish I had thought of this."  by Mary-Jo Walker (Customer)

"Great solution to a huge problem! Bra kept slipping and I couldn't keep it in place - sheer on the top of dress, so couldn't have regular straps - this did the trick!" - by Miss (Customer)

 " Great Product! These are just so versatile. Every woman should have them." - by IslandQon (Customer)


What makes STRAP N' GUARD® Pin-Straps™️ different from others traditional bra straps? 

Our popular all-in-one straps with an built in Pin-Latch Bra Hook are a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Not your ordinary bra straps and unlike traditional bra hooks...Read More here.

Stay tune for our extended line of wardrobe essentials; Body shapers with Pin Straps, shoulder pads with our pin-latch bra hooks, convertible bras with Pin Straps, shapewears with Pin Straps, swimwear with Pin Straps, bra inserts and more! - by Strap N' Guard®.

SHOP - Replacement Bra Straps: Clear Bra Straps, Bra Strap Holder, Halter Clear Bra Straps (with Pin-Latch Bra Hooks)

Clear Bra Straps, 3 Pack - Women’s MultiWay Invisible Transparent Bra Straps (with Pin-Latch Bra Hooks)

$ 29.99

Brand Strap N' Guard®

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Clear Bra Straps (with Pin-On Bra Hooks) 2 Replacement Invisible Straps, Ultimate Support

$ 14.99

Brand Strap N' Guard®

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1 Piece Clear Bra Strap - Halter Style, Backless Bra Strap, (w/ Pin-On Bra Hooks) for Ultimate Support

$ 8.99

Brand Strap N' Guard®

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SHOP - Chic & Sexy Rhinestones Diamante Straps, Shamballa Straps, Crystal Beads & Fabric Bra Straps with Pin-Latch Bra Hooks by Strap N' Guard

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