Chic & Sexy Shamballa Halter Style Straps with Pin-Latch Bra Hooks

$ 39.99

Brand Strap N' Guard®

Trending Celebrity style Shamballa Pin-Straps. Patents Pending.

Dress up your plain top or strapless dress with this fabulous decorative shamballa pin straps.

Includes: 1 Halter Shamballa Strap with Pin-Latch bra Hooks. Available in many colors.

  • Exclusive Designer Halter Strap by Strap N' Guard®
  • Adjustable; adjusts same as shamballa necklaces and bracelets
  • Patents pending Bra Hooks with built-in Pin Latch to provide the perfect solution to strapless falling
  •  Strap N’ Guard Pin-Straps has multiple functionality for securing strapless garments in place, for replacing worn out straps with ease and no sewing
  • 100% better function for preventing strapless malfunctions while providing the optimal support 
  • Even while dancing in a strapless dress, Strap N’ Guard keeps your bust up and strapless secure in place all day and everyday

Strap Length:

6.5 inches for each side (13 inches) + 9 inch extender for adjusting size + Metal Pin-Latch Bra Hooks on each ends of strap.

  • Shamballa Pin Straps™️ can be attached to any size bra loops ( unlike others straps, our innovative Patents Pending versatile straps also works without bra loops...the ergonomic built in pin-latch bra hooks instantly attaches to strapless clothing )
  • Prevents strapless falling, Guaranteed!
  • Ultimate strapless support
  • Works with a bra or without a bra, the choice is yours
  • Attach to dress, tops, gowns, dance costumes, Halloween costumes, etc.
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Adjustable size for a custom fit
  • Strong enough to support larger busts

Going dancing in a strapless outfit? Attach our pin-straps on your strapless. Whether you choose to wear a bra or go braless, rest assured your strapless outfit will stay in slip, no tugging and no strapless falling. Guaranteed!

To learn more on how to use our pin-straps, watch our infographic you tube Videos here

What makes Strap N' Guard pin-straps different from other companies selling traditional straps with ordinary bra hooks? 
We have created a chart that explains and shows the difference from our bra hooks to any other bra hook in the world. See our chart here

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We are the exclusive seller and we're the exclusive manufacturer for our Pin-latch Bra Hooks and hold Copyrights, filed Patent rights and Trademarks for our registered brand Strap N' Guard®.