NEW Seamless Invisible Nude Adhesive Backless Bra, w/ MultiWay Removable Clear Bra Straps

$ 29.99

Brand Strap N' Guard® Lingerie & Clothing Solutions

Soft Silicone Invisible Nude Backless Bra Self-adhesive stick-on Chest, Includes Removable Convertible Clear Bra Straps.

MULTIWAY; adhesive bra can be used backless, or can be used with the convertible Pin Straps.

ULTIMATE SUPPORT; unlike others bras, Ours comes with two ways for attachment; our adjustable removable innovative clear bra straps has built in Pin-on bra hooks for securing strapless in place. Our Multiway Pin Straps provides ULTIMATE strapless support. Prevents strapless falling. Guaranteed.

Perfect for Backless, Strapless, Halter outfits, Prom dress, Homecoming dress, Pageant dress, Wedding Bridal dresses, etc.

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Multiple Wearing Methods;

- See photo A: Using two shoulder straps, ( traditional wear )
- See photo B: adhesive strapless backless (no straps)
- See photo C: Using 1 strap on Neck ( halter wear )
- See photo D: Using 1 strap around back, and 2nd strap around neck/halter style
- See photo E: Using only 1 strap on back
- See photo F: Using cross over ( X-cross wear)

Package Includes:

1x Soft Silicone Invisible Nude Bra Self-adhesive stick-on Chest with Removable Straps ( ergonomic Patents pending Pin-On Bra Hooks offers ultimate support for Strapless and backless outfits.

  • SIZE: in stock C, fits most normal bra size C & D cup
  • Adjustable and Convertible Clear Pin Straps Size/Length: 10 inches extends to 20 inches long, Strap width 12mm
  • Unlike others straps bra hooks, our ergonomic Straps come with High quality strong metal built in pin-hooks so bra hook never bends, and provides ultimate support for all your strapless backless outfits
  • Uplift and Cleavage; Self-adhesive stick-on silicone invisible bra prevents sagging.
  • Seamless and Soft; always stay in place providing a secure fit all day
  • Can be used multiple times without losing adhesive
  • Body-fitted design, seamless and invisible, waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear, self-enhancing front closure
  • Patents Pending adjustable removable innovative Clear Pin Straps™️,
  • Hand washable and reusable

Before you begin, choose if wearing with straps or without straps
1. if wearing with straps; first hook strap on desired front bra loops for halter style, or front and back looks for backless low cut dress.
2. clear your skin with a towel, (do not use creams or lotions before application)
3. just peel away the lining from silicone bra ( save the lining for reusing again after bra use)
4. Position the silicone bra angle you desired (make sure the angle is same on both sides)
5. raise chest and ensure bra cup stick and fasten the front closure

If wearing the straps halter style, with the safety pin feature which already comes on the hook, you can now pin to your strapless dress for ultimate support.

- when removing pull gently away from skin
- rinse with cool water and let air dry and add the protective lining.