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Multi-Colors Gems Style, Fabric Bra Straps (with Pin-Latch Bra Hooks)

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Brand Strap N' Guard®

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Multi-Colors decorative gem style fabric bra straps.

Replace your old or worn out bra straps with these decorative gem style fabric pin-on bra straps and let them show. This replacement decorative straps are easy to add to your bra and or to your strapless outfit. Looks classy and sexy! Perfect for adding to your strapless dress, off-shoulder tops, bras, tube tops and more. 

Available in multi fabulous colors. Choose your favorite when adding to cart. 

  •  Includes 2 Straps (One pair)
  • Size: Width is 10mm, bra straps Length is 13" fabric extends stretch to 17" Long
  • Pin-Latch Metal Bra Hooks are located on each ends of fabric bra strap


Unlike all traditional bra straps, our innovative clear straps bra hooks have two options for attachment; hooks on and also the pin-latch bra hooks attaches to your garments for the ultimate support. 

Works with a bra or without a bra the choice is yours. If choosing to wear a bra, simultaneously you can hook the straps on to your bra and also at the same time the pin-latch bra hooks easily and safely attaches to your strapless clothing for securing in place to prevent straps from slipping off and to prevent strapless malfunctions. 

Going dancing in a strapless outfit?

Attach our pin-straps on your strapless. Whether you choose to wear a bra or go braless, rest assured your strapless outfit will stay in slip, no tugging and no strapless falling. Guaranteed!

What makes Strap N' Guard pin-straps different from other companies selling traditional straps with ordinary bra hooks? 

We have created a chart that explains and shows the difference from our bra hooks to any other bra hook in the world. See our chart here

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We are the exclusive seller and we're the exclusive manufacturer for our Pin-latch Bra Hooks and hold Copyrights, filed Patent rights and Trademarks for our registered brand Strap N' Guard®.