FREE SHIPPING OFFER: Orders of $150+ complimentary shipping within the US.


We accept credit cards and Paypal as payment ( Visa, Discover AMEX, MasterCard). Once we receive your QTY's Order via email, we'll then email you an Invoice/Payment Request from our PayPal account so you'll be able to make payment. This also applies to back-ordered items. 


 The minimum wholesale purchase for initial orders is $150 (may be mixed and match between colors and styles to meet the minimum). All products and pricing are subject to change.

*INVENTORY: We cannot guarantee any of our items to be available. Only items that are paid in full are guaranteed. *Many of our popular items can go out of stock quickly.

*Tip for checking Inventory levels on our website: Add number 500 and click on "Add to Cart" on any item listing and the number of qty's available will show.

Note: we ship our products in our original brand retail box with logo. 

Note: Through out the year we continue to add new styles to our wholesale line sheet. Please email us to let us know if there’s any styles in particular that you’re interested in but don’t see our prices on the Wholesale Line Sheet.


If you haven't submitted to us your name, reseller and/or tax ID and business information for approval, you must complete and submit our wholesale form here.

Note: Before purchasing our wholesale products, you’ll have to email us where you’ll be reselling our products so we can approve and keep in record. Email us the URL website's (if available), Brick and Mortar Location names and addresses. After your purchase and any time through out the year, if you sell our wholesale products in new locations you must email us the website's, brick and mortar locations before reselling our products. 


ORDER CHANGES: Due to processing time, inventory counts, and to protect your order from errors, we cannot honor any change requests to orders once they have been submitted, even if they have not yet been shipped. Please make sure to carefully review your order before submitting it.

ORDER CANCELLATIONS: We do our very best to ship items within 5 business days ( processing begins within 1-2 business day's) and because of this the window for cancelling orders is very short. If your cancellation is seen prior to us processing your order within the first 24 hrs of your purchase date, we will honor your request to cancel your order for a full refund, but once your order is being processed we are no longer able to cancel your order.

U.S. SHIPPING Costs and Taxes: All Shipments by Strap N' Guard Accessories are shipped from Florida. We ship our packages with USPS.

Business Day refers to Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays.

If you reside in the State of Florida you will need to provide a state resale tax certificate or you will be required to pay Florida sales tax. All purchases made by companies in other states are exempt from sales tax.

The Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges from our warehouse to their facility. If you would like your merchandise shipped using your UPS or FedEx freight account you may provide us your account information and we will arrange UPS or FedEx pick up at our facilities. You must contact us by phone or email with the account number within 24 hours of placing the order or your order will be cancelled.

Note: Orders of $150+ complimentary shipping within the US.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - A shipping quote will be provided to you once your order is placed or once you are ready to place your order you can email us for a shipping quote.

SPLIT SHIPPING: We do not split orders for international shipping, we ship the entire order when all items are ready. Please consider placing a separate order for your back-ordered items if you prefer to not wait on them for the rest of the items to ship.


RETURNS & EXCHANGES: All wholesale orders are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Strap N’ Guard is responsible for getting your order to you safely. Though each product is carefully inspected in house for quality assurance before shipping, it is possible to receive a damaged item. For these reasons it is important to open and inspect your items as soon as you receive them. If any items arrive damaged, please notify us within 7 business days of your package delivered date. After this time, Strap N’ Guard cannot be held responsible for the items. We cannot honor changes outside of the time frames stated within our policies.

DAMAGE REPLACEMENTS: Once we have been notified of any damaged items you have received, we will work with you to get them corrected as quickly as possible.
 Note: Should you decide to sell damaged items at a discount , we cannot extend any discounts to you.


RETURNED MAIL: If a package is returned because the address information provided to us was not correct, we are not responsible for re-shipping and shipping fees will be applied. We will quickly contact you.

LOST/DAMAGED BY POSTAL SERVICE:  We are not responsible for any errors made by the Post Office. However, if your package has not been received within 3 weeks of receiving your shipping notification email ( at least 6 weeks for international), please contact us at 
{perfectbrastraps@strapnguard.com *add on subject line " Wholesale"} and we will direct you as to how to file a claim with the postal service. Thank you for your understanding with this.

Note: All of our packages are shipped with a Tracking number.



Strap N’ Guard products cannot be re-sold to other wholesalers for the purposes of selling retail. Strap N’ Guard products cannot be sold online to wholesale or discount outlets or in store to wholesale or discounted outlets.

PRIVATE LABEL: All items purchased from Strap N’ Guard® are under the protection and trademark Strap N’ Guard®, and must display the Strap N’ Guard® name/logo. When listing our products name, text or photos must display the Strap N' Guard® Pin Straps™️ name/logo. Under no circumstances may you sell Strap N’ Guard® products under any other name, or reproduce our proprietary Intellectual products, or reproduce products under this trademark.


Coupon codes do not apply to wholesale partners. We cannot accept discount codes or shipping codes for our wholesale accounts.

NOTE: All specials advertised by STRAP N’ GUARD® website or our other channels are for retail customers only.

Disclaimer: By submitting your wholesale and/or dropshipping order with Strap N’ Guard® Accessories, Co., you agree to all terms and policies set forth by this agreement. These terms are subject to change at anytime without notice, but will be posted. All rights reserved to refuse or terminate any wholesale and/or dropshipping order and/or accounts for any reason at any time.

For questions about your Order:

Contact us at: 
{ perfectbrastraps@strapnguard.com } *add on subject line " Wholesale"

Tel: 561-370-3763