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Strap N’ Guard®️ innovation accessories, intimates / lingerie and fashion solutions line of products with unique built in Pin-Latch Hooks  technology (Patents Pending). This revolutionary hook was invented in 2010 by mom-entrepreneur Carmen L. Molina.

Our universal Pin-Latch Hooks are an effective solution to an old problem. In the past, all bra straps required bra loops to work with the traditional bra hooks and also required to sew on broken bra straps or to sew straps on strapless clothing. Now with Strap N’ Guard advance technology Pin-latch hooks, you have the option to pin and hook into your intimates bras, lingerie, shapewears, and clothing, no bra loops necessary and no sewing on bra straps achieving an instant fix, versatility, comfort and ultimate support each time. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities with women’s garments, revolutionizing the intimate / lingerie and fashion industry.
Revolutionary Bra Hook, Pin Latch Hook



Most hooks used on intimates lingerie brassieres and apparel look similar to the ones pictured below. They come in all kinds of colors and are made of plastic/nylon, sometimes metal, and provide the same limited function since 1938. The original hooks on brassieres was invented in 1938 by William H. Moffatt. 


You see, the problem with the ordinary hooks is its limited options;

They only allow you to connect to your bra or clothing via bra loops and straps. The top part that is closed off connects to the strap and the part that isn’t closed off hooks into the bra loop. These ordinary bra hooks are limited in their functionality because for the bra hooks to work the garments they hook into must have loops of fabric, roping, ribbon, or threading.

So what happens if you don’t already have a bra loop in the place you need it?

With the traditional bra hooks, you only have two options. You can buy a new bra that has bra loops ( but keep in mind that the bra loops are usually sewn on a fixed location so you're unable to move the straps to your preferred needed location), or you can sew bra loops on yourself ( this is too time consuming...with such a busy daily schedule, who has time for sewing?).

Another common problem with the traditional bra hooks is it does not support your dress so you're at risk of a strapless malfunctions, and it does not work with every bra so it limits your bra choices. Also the straps traditional bra hooks can constantly slip out of the bra loops so your straps can constantly fall off shoulders, and if no bra loops present or if the bra loops are small it requires for you to sew the straps on to your outfit. These are just some of the many dillemas women have faced for many decades with the ordinary bra hooks. 

What if your favorite bra straps get damaged? No time to sew on bra loops for attaching new straps and would rather stay away from a sewing needle? Or your favorite strapless bra doesn't support your breast?  Or perhaps you're running late needing a multi-way bra but no time for buying a new bra?...


bra straps bra hooks reinvented



Our Patents pending straps innovative unique Pin-latch Hooks can save your bras and virtually any intimate lingerie and apparel providing a quick fix when your straps get damaged, can secure your strapless fashions and provide you versatility for multi-styling your outfits and gives you the ultimate support and comfort.

The secret is in Strap N' Guard®️ advance technology universal Pin-latch hooks. Unlike traditional ordinary bra hooks, Strap N' Guard bra hooks have an ergonomically built in pin-latch in addition to the bra hook. This exclusive addition keeps the functionality from the traditional style of bra hooks and adds new functions, providing the wearer ultimate support and unlimited engagement to their bras and strapless fashions.

Now, with Strap N' Guard®️ Pin-Latch Hooks, you can pin into your bra or clothing, anywhere you want, without bra loops. You never have to sew on bra loops or broken straps. Yay!

Unlike the traditional plain bra hooks, Strap N' Guard all-in-one Pin Latch Bra Hooks provides the ultimate support to women's bras and fashions.

Our innovative straps functional Pin-latch bra hooks quickly and safely attaches to your garments, works with or without a bra, the choice is yours! 

You no longer have to pass on that fabulous strapless dress, bra, top, swimwear or outfit you've been wanting to wear but need the busts support and comfort. Within seconds without having to go to a seamstress and without having to sew you can add our innovative straps pin-latch hooks to your favorite strapless dress, gowns, tube tops, shapewears, corsets, bras, swimwear, and more. Provides the best support so you never have to worry of your strapless slipping or falling down. 

With our unique straps feature Pin-latch hooks you can also replace broken bra straps, stretched out old straps, shapewear damaged straps, swimsuit lost or worn out straps, gown falling straps, costume ugly straps and more. Secures your bra straps in place giving you the best support. Being that our straps are removable / detachable gives you endless possibilities of use with your many bras and outfits.

Our fabulous styles of interchangeable designer straps with Pin-latch hooks let you attach to any location of your bras and strapless fashions giving you a personalized comfy fit each time. Can be used; halter style, criss cross, traditional, V-style, and more...possibilities are endless!

Our convertible straps can be adjusted to almost any size and can be worn with just about any bra and outfit. Strap N' Guard® all-in-one Pin-Straps has limitless configurations!

Our innovative Pin-Latch Hooks’ functionality doesn’t stop there...

Coming Soon! - Our extended line of innovative wardrobe essentials by STRAP N' GUARD®️ technology;

Body shapers with straps Pin-latch hooks, shoulder pads with pin-latch bra hooks, convertible bras with straps pin-latch hooks, shapewears with convertible straps pin-latch hooks, swimwear with removable straps pin-latch hooks, bra inserts with pin-latch hooks, and more! - by Strap N' Guard®.

You can also check out our video demonstrations on the Video page.  And don't forget to check out our amazing lineup of straps in our Store!

Since launching Strap N' Guard®, 6 years ago, we have received customers from around the world!