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I came up with the idea for Strap N’ Guard while I was out with a few friends. I was wearing a strapless top and was having to tug on it constantly to keep it from falling. Eventually, it fell a bit too far and exposed myself in public, and in front of my friends. I felt really embarrassed. But that was the last straw for me. There had to be a solution for securing strapless garments.

I spent the next few weeks scouring the internet looking for a solution. But I couldn’t find one. So I decided to develop one myself. I knew that this was something that women needed and would want, but I had no idea what Strap N’ Guard would turn into.

I know that when women buy our product they feel more secure with their outfits and can look and feel fabulous while doing it.

I invented a revolutionary bra hook that will change the lingerie and strapless clothing industry forever. - Carmen L. Molina, Inventor Creator of Strap N' Guard®️ Pin Straps™️.

Carmen has also invented Pix N’ Tray, a great spinning table top that displays pictures while holding food, snacks, stationary, etc.