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Q: How do you keep a strapless dress and bra, or tube top from slipping and falling down?

A: With Strap N’ Guard advance technology bra straps. Our worldwide Patents pending multiway bra straps have a built-in pin latch bra hook to secure your bra or shapewear, any strapless outfit and more. Our innovative convertible bra straps give you several options for securing your garments: 

    Option 1: You can hook into an existing bra loop and attach the pin to your outfit.
        Option 2:  You can pin into both your bra and outfit at the same time, no need for bra loops.
                Option 3: With our straps pin-latch bra hooks you can also pin directly into your outfit and leave the bra at home, no need for bra loops.
                  It's fast, easy, and secure. No sewing is required. Our functional bra straps provide you with the ultimate support, so that you can finally go Hands Free. 

                  Our innovative bra straps are great for securing and restyling all kinds of outfits: strapless swimwear, bathing suits, strapless bras, strapless shapewears, strapless dresses, strapless tops, strapless costumes, strapless prom dress, strapless wedding dress, strapless party dresses, off shoulder tops, etc.
                  Our versatile Pin Straps are also great for replacing worn/stretched out straps or broken bra straps. Instant fix each time. No sewing. Saves your bra.

                  You can browse our selection of our unique replacement bra straps and decorative straps here. 

                   Q: Where can I find Strap N’ Guard Bra Straps?

                  A: Currently, the only places Strap N’ Guard technology advance unique bra straps are available are on our website, some of our bra straps and decorative straps and intimates fashion solution products available on Etsy, Walmart online and on our Amazon online store. In the near future we're looking to expand to sell on other online channels and Retail stores through out the nation and worldwide. Our company holds Exclusive rights; Strap N' Guard is the only Authorized Company/Seller, with exclusivity to manufacturer, produce and sell Strap N' Guard products. Worldwide Patents Pending. 

                    Q: Do you ship Internationally?

                  A: Yes. We ship Internationally. We welcome our International shoppers!

                  Q: How do I replace my old straps from my garments, dresses, or outfits?

                  A: The steps in replacing your old straps are very simple. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut the old ones off or you can simply just tuck your old straps under the side, a pair of Strap N’ Guard straps pin-latch hooks, and you’re good to go. No sewing. 

                  Q: How do I attach Strap N’ Guard straps pin-latch hooks to my bra? 

                  A: You can add Strap N’ Guard to your bra using the bra hook or the pin-latch, or both! We suggest watching our short demonstration videos;

                  • Decorative bra straps with pin-latch hooks demonstration video here
                  • Replacement bra straps with pin-latch hooks demonstration video here
                  • Clear bra straps with pin-latch hooks demonstration video here

                  Q: Do I need a bra with Strap N’ Guard dress straps? 

                  A: No, you do not. Strap N' Guard convertible straps can be used with or without a bra. By using the pin-latch hook feature, our straps easily attach to your clothing without a bra and can also be used with a bra, the choice is yours. Our advance technology straps pin-latch bra hooks keep your breasts and clothing in place with no need to sew on bra loops.

                  Q: How do I attach my Strap N’ Guard Pin-Latch Bra Hooks on my swimwear bathing suits?

                   A: The same way you would attach our straps to any other outfit. If your swimwear top has no eye loop to engage the straps you can use our straps pin-latch to pin into the bathing suit or if your swimsuit has the eye loop already in place you can hook our straps on same as you do with removable straps. Our unique straps are multifunctional and incredibly versatile. Our functional straps built-in latch bra hooks combination allows you to attach the straps on any of your garments, wherever you need them or wherever you want them. You can do this without having to take your outfit to the tailors, saving you time and money. No Sewing Required! Just go ahead and attach our technology advance bra straps wherever you need or want them. It's that easy!

                   Q: Can I attach the Strap N’ Guard convertible straps to a bra and to clothing at the same time?

                  A: Yes you can. Strap N' Guard straps advance technology have both a built-in pin-latch and a bra hook. This combination allows you to hook into any existing bra loops and pin-latch into any garment, providing ultimate support. Our convertible straps are great for securing strapless swimwear, bathing suits, strapless bras, strapless dresses, strapless tops, strapless costumes, shapewears, strapless prom dress, strapless wedding dress, strapless party dresses, off shoulder tops, leotards, costumes, sports bras, etc. Now you can enjoy all of your outfits with confidence, Hands Free! No more slip-n-sliding outfits and no more tugging.

                   Q: How can I change a Strapless Prom Dress, Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, or any Strapless Dress to an outfit with Straps?
                   A: Whether you are uncomfortable wearing strapless dresses or you need to add straps to your strapless dress, unlike ordinary bra straps, the problem is solved with our multifunctional technology advance bra straps. Strap N' Guard® functional innovative straps have both a bra hook and a built-in pin-latch that make it possible to attach to your bra and strapless dress for the Ultimate support! The best part? No Sewing and no need to go to a seamstress, saving you time and money. By adding our technology advance bra straps to your outfit, you easily make your strapless dress more fashionable and functional. 
                  Let’s say you have to add straps to your strapless outfit in order to adhere to a dress code for a dance event. Strap N’ Guard decorative straps pin-latch hooks are easy to attach, they add to your outfit’s beauty, and provide additional support. When you’re done with the event, they come off just as easily as you put them on. Your strapless outfit transforms from one with straps to one without in seconds!

                   Q: Do you have a demonstration video on how Strap N' Guard bra straps works?

                  A: Of Course! You can view our innovative straps pin latch-hooks Demonstration videos here 
                   Q: What sizes are available for Strap N’ Guard ?
                   A: Our pin-straps are adjustable to fit just about any size. The rhinestones crystal decorative bra straps all come with an extended link chain for adjusting to your perfect size and comfy fit each time. Our clear pin straps has a slider for also adjusting to your length size for a perfect comfortable fit. 
                   Q: Are Strap N’ Guard Pin Straps adjustable?
                  A: Yes. The Clear Bra Straps are fully adjustable to accommodate just about any size. Just simply move the slider on the strap to achieve desired length. The Rhinestone Replacement Bra Dress Straps come with a link chain and claw clip on one side of the strap to adjust to the size you need.
                   Q: Do the Strap N’ Guard Pin Straps work for small and x-large busts?
                   A: Yes. The convertible pin straps are made of high quality materials and are very durable to use for a wide range of busts, from small to plus size.
                   Q: Can I wash my Strap N’ Guard Pin Straps?
                   A: Yes. Although the Pin Straps are made of high quality, it is best to hand rinse and to pat dry gently for longer use. You should not use chemical detergents.

                   Q: Are the Strap N’ Guard Pin Straps available in different designs?

                   A: Strap N' Guard® technology advance bra straps are an all-in-one product for all seasons. We have many beautiful designs in stock. Our designs cover a wide range of tastes: chic, casual, everyday wear, sexy, fabulous. We also will have new styles available throughout the year. Click here to see our current selection.
                   Q: Are the bra straps pin-latch hooks safe to use on my clothing?
                   A: Yes. Our straps pin-latch feature is tiny and safe when adding to your clothing garments. Safe as when using needles, brooch pendants and or safety pins.

                   Q: Are Strap N' Guard bra straps pin-latch hooks comfortable to wear?

                   A: Yes. Not only it provides incredible support, and looks stylish, they're also super comfortable. The pin-latch feature on hook always faces away from skin ready to engage to garments and flat side of the hook rest's comfortably on you. The straps are fully adjustable to allow you to adjust to the comfort size you need. Over 100,000 of our straps pin-latch hooks successfully proven by our customers from around the world.

                  Q: Where can I read Strap N' Guard Reviews?

                  You can read our many wonderful reviews testimonials that we have received from our customers on our products page.