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NO SEW - Silver Metal Multiway Pin Latch Swan Replacement Swim Bathing Suit Bra Hooks Clips Clasp

$ 12.99

Brand Strap N' Guard® PIN STRAPS

NO SEW Metal Swan Hooks Swimwear Bra Dress Hook Replacement | Instant Replacement no sewing pin-latch hooks; perfect no-sew hook replacement for bra straps, swim bathing suit, lingerie, leotards, costumes, spanx shapewear, dress, tops, sports bras, corsets, brassieres, swimwear, and more!

Revolutionary Pin-Latch Hooks has two options for attachment:

1. Pin-Latch hooks can be instantly attached without sewing on.

2. Can also be sewed on. 


  • Use these Pin-latch hooks to instantly replace a broken swim bathing suit hook
  • or replace broken bra strap hook, shapewear straps hooks, costumes straps, dress straps, and more!
  • Our unique Pin-latch hooks instantly clips to your strapless bra and dress, keeps your strapless bra or shapewear and dress up and in place!
  • Perfect to add to a no sew craft project or sewing project and more! 


NO SEW Replacement Pin-latch Hooks available in 4 pieces, 8 pieces, 12 pieces, 16 pieces  of metal built-in pin-latch hooks.

Size: Hooks inner opening diameter is 12mm ( the complete width of hook is 18mm)  so they can accommodate up to a 14mm width elastic or strap. If your band or strap is anywhere from 8mm width to up to 14mm it will fit just fine, but if you wish to use the Pin-latch instead of sewing then you can latch it to any width of elastic band strap or on clothing.

We may have more inventory Pin-latch Hooks so please send us a message if you need more. We’ll be happy to offer a discount for bulk orders of 200 pieces or more.

Questions and Answers;

Q - Does these pin-latch bra hooks need to be sewn on?

A - The choice is yours. Unlike traditional bra hooks, these hooks have 2 options for attachment;
the pin-latch is located on the front of the hook to allow you to instantly attach your straps, the opening is also on top of the hook if you wish to sew on the straps or elastic band same as you would with regular bra hooks. So ultimately the choice is yours, that’s what makes these innovative pin-latch bra hooks different and so functional from others bra hooks.

Q- after adding pin-latch hooks to the straps can it secure my strapless clothing and bra?

A- Yes. these pin-latch hooks can be attached on bra loops and also clips neatly on clothing. Gives your bras and strapless clothing the ultimate support.

Q- Can I attach just the pin-latch hook without straps to my bra and at the same time to my strapless top/dress ?

A- Yes. Absolutely! This is a great option for when wanting to go totally strapless (no straps). The hanger side of the hook easily slides into the bra eye loops and the pin-latch easily slides into your inner top part of your top/dress. This method keeps your bra aligned with your dress at all times so you never have to worry of your bra slipping down or shifting around. These pin-latch hooks keeps your garment in place all day. Guaranteed!

** Extra Tip **
These pin-latch hooks are also great for carrying in your purse for a quick fix! Hey, you never know when you may need them ...
If you're on the run or working and have no time to sew, these pin-latch hooks instantly attach on without having to sew. So never worry if your bra straps snap off or swim suit straps plastic hooks break off - these pin-latch hooks are made of strong metal and within seconds the pin-latch hook can be attached on.

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Pin-Latch Hooks (Patents Pending) Innovative Technology Strap N’ Guard®️

  • Strong Metal Pin-latch Hooks
  • Perfect for creating hooking bras, swimsuit replacement straps hooks or detachable straps for shapewears, garter belts, dancewear, bras, vest straps, and dress making and other uses.
  • Internal diameter: 12mm , External diamater 18mm

Perfect closure hooks for instantly replacing your broken bra straps hooks, or your new crafty straps for bras and clothing.

Great for quickly repairing your broken straps hooks, also great for making detachable straps, garter belts, and halter neck hooks for your bras, shapewears, swimwear, dresses, costumes, tops, corsets, sports bra, etc.

Pin-Latch Hooks technology by Strap N' Guard®️, Patents Pending

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