NEW, Bra Strap Holder, Clear Strap for Racerback Straps, (with Pin-On Hooks By Strap N’ Guard®)

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Brand Strap N' Guard®

Racerback bra clip strap holder. New Innovative Pin-On bra strap holder. Converts bra shapewear straps to an instant racerback. Perfect for cutaway tops, sleeveless dresses and racerback lingerie and clothing. Instant lift and prevents your bra straps from slipping off your shoulders. Guaranteed.

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  • New Innovative clip on bra strap holder,  Patents Pending
  • Clear bra strap with Pin-on hooks clips on to hold and secures bra straps together to an instant racerback. Unlike others, the pin-on hooks keeps your straps in place. Guaranteed.
  • Comfortably converts bra straps into different styles for everyday wear
  • Works with every size bra straps, also works with plus size bras
  • Create straps for cutaway tops, sleeveless dresses, or racerback
  • 100% polyurethane
  • Adjustable length ( Extends to 8 inches, shortest adjustment 4"
  • Care Instructions: Rinse with water or use a damp cloth; air dry

So you are looking for bra strap holder that does not slide down, that keeps you bra straps in place, to work with all size bra straps and to provide best support. With so many bra strap holder you catch yourself wondering which one will give you the best support and versatility for your buck.

The perfect solution is here. You have now found the perfect bra strap holder. Unlike other bra strap holders, our innovative bra strap holder has pin-on bra hooks to prevent bra straps from slipping off shoulders. Works with every bra and every size bra straps. This clear bra strap holder can be used with all bras that has removable straps and also can be used with all bras that has non-removable straps, the choice is yours.

The clip pin-on bra hook is located on each end of the strap to attach directly on your bra straps, the clear slider on strap allows you to adjust the strap to your need. Easy to attach to any size bra straps and are removable…perfect for hiding bra straps under any type of top with these clear reusable converter. Our innovative pin-latch holder keeps your bra straps in place, great for extra bust lift, and for using with your racerback tops, sleeveless, cutaway tops, t-back dress, high neck tops, dresses and swimwear.



Q: Does this strap holder slide up and down bra straps?
A: No. Unlike other bra strap holders, our Strap N’ Guard® strap holder comes with an innovative pin-latch located on each end of bra strap holder so it keeps it in place and never moves, never slides.

Q: can this strap connector be used with bra that doesn’t have removable bra straps?
A: Yes. our innovative bra strap holder pin-latch allows you to use with any size bra straps, works with any bra that has removable straps and also works with bras that has non-removable bra straps, the choice is yours.

Q: I’m a DD in bra size will it fit?
A: Yes. Our innovative clip pin-on strap holder allows you to comfortably attach to any size bra straps.


What makes Strap N' Guard pin-straps different from other companies selling traditional straps with ordinary bra hooks? 

We have created a chart that explains and shows the difference from our bra hooks to any other bra hook in the world. See our chart here

We are the exclusive seller and we're the exclusive manufacturer for our Pin-latch Bra Hooks and hold Copyrights, filed Patent rights and Trademarks for our registered brand Strap N' Guard® Pin-Straps™️.