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Best Bra Wash Laundry Bag Large to Wash Your Bras and Straps In

$ 14.99 $ 9.99

Brand Strap N' Guard® Lingerie & Clothing Solutions

Bra Wash Lingerie Laundry Bag Best Features

  • LARGE BRA WASH BAG TO KEEP YOUR BRAS SHAPE; measures in height 6 1/2 inches, width/diameter 6 1/2 inches
  • PERFECT specialize wash bag for protecting your bras and extra delicate intimates.
  • RIGID BOTTOM RING to protect bra or underwire from breaking. The special shape follows bra cup to easily fit virtually every style bra. 
  • HIGH QUALITY METAL ZIPPER with easy to grab crystalized zipper tab so it won't snag your delicate intimates and zipper won't rust. Elastic band for tucking in zipper to keep zipper in place while laundering. 
  • DURABLE MESH is made of ultra-fine double layer mesh fabric of 220 grams density for delicate intimates lingerie bras, undies and straps protection. Soft inner layer and hanging loop to easily store the bag after use. 


How to Use:
  • Place a bra and Straps in wash bag, nesting cups together and fastening hooks.
  • Be sure the zipper tab is in the zipper pocket…
  • This will prevent the bag becoming unzipped while in wash
  • Wash in cold water in delicate cycle
  • Always air dry your bras and straps!

This bra wash bag is also great for washing your extra delicate intimates :)