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Tricks that You Can Do In Order to Avoid Strapless Malfunction - Adding Straps to Dress

Almost all women want to look gorgeous especially in special occasions like prom, weddings, graduation, formal dance, gala events. It’s important that a woman would wear something that she’s comfortable with and would make her feel that she’s the most beautiful girl for the night.

Although there are a lot of gowns and dresses that women can choose from, strapless dresses are still one of the top choices for people all over the world, even for Hollywood celebrities. But with its beauty comes inevitable circumstances like wardrobe malfunctions.

These wardrobe malfunctions can ruin anybody’s night and make them feel embarrassed. That is why it’s important for any woman to be ready for anything that may happen. Whether you get a spill on your dress, or your strapless dress falls off while you’re bouncing off the dance floor, you should always prepare for accidents.

There are a lot of women that spends the whole night adjusting their bra’s and strapless outfits just to ensure it won’t fall off. But why go with so much trouble when you can easily prepare yourself and your strapless dress easily before your party.

There are a lot of tricks that a woman can do in order to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Here are just some of the things that you can do:

1. Use a clear bra strap – When you use clear bra straps with Pin-latch bra hooks or decorative pin-on straps for your dress, you can ensure that it will stay up the whole night. No need to worry about jumping all night just to pull your dress up, with these bra straps, you can party all night long.

2. Wear a bra – When you’re going for a strapless dress, always make sure that you actually wear a bra. Wearing a bra can add to the shape of your chest and dress as well. If you don’t have a bra, that has clear straps, then you can always buy replacement bra straps so that your dress and bra will fit perfectly.

clear bra straps

3. Add some layer to your dress – If you’re not considering using bra straps, then another trick that you can do is to add some layer underneath your strapless dress. You can add a bandeau tube top underneath so that your dress will have a tighter grip and your chest will be covered just in case your dress actually falls off.
tube top bandeau bras


4. Use a fashion tape – You can always use a fashion tape to help secure your top to your bra or, better yet, you can stick the fashion tape on your strapless dress and onto your skin (it is best to test the tape on your skin before using), BUT this does not ensure that your dress won’t fall off, that’s why we recommend always having a back up, such as the clear pin-on straps by Strap N’ Guard.

With so many different options for choosing the perfect solution for securing your strapless, we suggest watching You-tube videos.  

The newest innovative replacement bra straps with Pin-latch bra hooks are available in different size to fit from small to plus size, so you’ll be able to dance and move around hands-free and without the worry of your strapless slipping down.


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