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The ULTIMATE Bra Straps, Strapless Dress Bras Strap SOLUTION

Bra Straps of the 21st Century has finally arrived! Invented by a woman for women.

Bra straps of the future has arrived! The world most functional comfortable replacement straps holder converter with Pin-latch bra hook advance technology for securing bras, dress, strapless, lingeries, gowns, tube tops, shapewear, and more! Millennials want best bra fit and comfortable straps so we have carefully designed and developed bra straps that are not just functional but super comfortable and fashionable for every women.

This innovative product solves multiple common problems which many women around the world have encountered for many decades with bras and strapless clothing. Can be used for every day wear, every occasion, and all seasons.

How I came up with this invention product:
I myself was a victim of strapless clothing malfunctions, limited wardrobe options, and bra straps slipping off, and so I decided to do something about it. I realized that if I’ve encountered these problems than many women around the world encounter the same. - Inventor/creator, Carmen L. Molina.

Perfect Solution:
With our innovative bra straps pin latch bra hooks within seconds the wearer can secure their strapless garments, replace their broken or worn out straps, achieve endless configurations, reinvent their strapless wardrobe, get an instant lift, and secure their bra straps in place. It also saves the ladies time ( no more sewing broken straps or bra loops) and saves them money ( no more expensive trip to the tailors).

Our company markets its Pin-latch bra hooks alone and in various products.

One particular application of Strap N’ Guard pin-latch hooks technology is integrated into replacement bra straps: clear bra strap, fabric elastic bra straps, bra strap holder, and decorative variety jeweled rhinestones crystal straps, beads, and more. 

Multi-way replacement bra straps with pin latch bra hooks  for everyday wear, made of plastic and/or fabric materials in several colors)...More product info click Clear Bra Straps Replacement Multiway Straps 

replacement clear bra straps


NON SLIP Bra strap holder converter  - Click here to BUY 

non slip bra strap holder converter

Revolutionary multi-way replacement bra straps. The most versatile, comfortable, functional bra straps in the world! NON slip bra straps with built in innovative pin-latch hook technology. The perfect solution for bra straps and strapless dilemmas thanks to Pin Straps! Girls best friend!

Reinvents and saves your favorite bra. Provides an INSTANT FIX to your broken or stretched out bra straps while giving you maximum support and comfort on your shoulders.

These innovative convertible bra straps can transform virtually every bra for multi-styling with your outfits in infinite ways; criss cross, traditional, v-style, one side, halter, and more!. 

Replacement bra straps_elastic adjustable bra strap_with pin latch hooks


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 Decorative rhinestone crystal beads replacement bra straps removable shoulder dress strap

Decorative Replacement Rhinestones Crystal Beads Bra Straps Click here to BUY

Learn more about our bra straps revolutionary Pin-on Bra Hooks and what makes us different from ordinary bra straps....

Our everyday wear bra straps illustration video visit here

Our stylish straps video visit here

We offer a diverse line of innovative wardrobe essentials and continue to add solution products through out the year...

Coming Soon! - Our extended line of wardrobe essentials; Body shapers with Pin Straps, shoulder pads with our pin-latch bra hooks, convertible bras with Pin Straps, shapewears with Pin Straps, swimwear with Pin Straps, bra inserts and more! by Strap N' Guard® advance technology. Patents pending. 
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