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How Clear Bra Straps Are Helping Women Everywhere

Gone are the days of trying to match your bra to your shirt, or having to wear a strapless bra or dress that seems to fall down much too often. Instead, with the invention of clear bra straps ( with pin-latch bra hooks), women everywhere are celebrating. Now you can wear a strapless dress without the embarrassment of your bra straps being exposed, or having to worry about finding just the right size strapless bra or strapless garments that often times falls down.

clear replacement bra straps, invisible pin strap

Benefits of a Clear Bra Strap

When, it comes to wearing your favorite outfits without the worry of having to be embarrassed by exposed straps or an unflattering bust line. Bra straps often times get in the way and give you a look that doesn’t say modest. Clear bra straps (with innovative Pin-latch bra hooks by Strap N’ Guard) offer you the convenience of being invisible but still giving you the support you need. Instead of wearing a strapless bra, which often times may fall down when you least expect it, you can opt for an option that allows you to ensure everything stays right where it should be.

Fitting a Bra

No matter the type of bra you wear, having one that fits properly is essential. Many women are typically wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right at all. A bra that is too tight is often times uncomfortable to wear. And one that is too big doesn’t offer the proper support. 

The way your straps connect with your bra is something to watch out for. If you don’t have the proper fitting straps, you can purchase replacement bra straps with pin-latch bra hooks to fit just right. To ensure you have the right fit to your bra, the center should be around your entire breast. The straps should attach right above each breast for the proper fitting. Wider bra straps provide more support for women experiencing weight gain or during pregnancy months or postpartum. The wider multiway pin straps makes it easier and more comfortable to wear with your bras and strapless garments while one piece halter ones that attach on the cup give the appearance of more cleavage.



When it comes to finding the right undergarments to fit your wardrobe, a clear strap bra is beneficial for women everywhere. Allowing you to wear anything they want without the fear of exposing your straps or even your breasts with the use of a strapless bra.

Enjoy the freedom of being able to wear a spaghetti strap tank top, or strapless dress again. Don’t worry about having to be embarrassed by exposed straps or strapless malfunctions when in public or at a busy event. Feel free to enjoy yourself again and dress to impress in any outfit that suits the occasion and that you feel comfortable wearing. Clear pin strap bras are creating a more in tuned, freedom to wear whatever you want, wherever you want, within the dress code of course.

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