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5 Prom Dress Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

prom tips illustrations, idea for prom, showing before after with clear bra straps,

 *Showing "After" with multiway clear bra straps by Strap N' Guard technology 

If you're having a junior or senior prom this year or know someone that is going to one, then this is a must read and share. Trust me, they'll thank you for sharing these great prom dress tips!

The moment you think of rocking a charming and beautiful strapless prom dress, you also reflect on the Prom accessories like the matchy purse and shawls to give you a perfect look. Did you forget how frustrating it is to have your strapless to slip down, perhaps in a public place? Adding straps can give you a piece of mind but wearing the WRONG straps will not give you the support you need to your dress. You'll catch your self constantly fidgeting and hiking up your strapless.

After choosing a strapless we get super excited with the trendy look like a celebrity BUT...

strapless falling down, bra slipping

*Model's dress is unsupported wearing clear straps that has "traditional" bra hooks

when wearing a strapless dress, if not well supported (obviously like the model in this picture) the look can quickly go from WOW to "yikes!".

Some girls like wearing clear bra straps, and or adhesive silicone bras, even celebrities have been spotted wearing clear straps with their dresses, due to it looking like their not wearing any straps and hoping it will give them the support.

There's so many convertible bras and bra straps to choose from when shopping for your prom dress. I'm going to share 5 tips on how to achieve the best support while looking flawless in your prom dress.


I decided to show two different types of clear bra straps to choose from when wearing a strapless.

bra showing on low open cut dress

*Dress is unsupported wearing clear straps that has "traditional" bra hooks

Of course, no lady in a prom dress would want to tug on it continuously, publicizing her undergarments. This can make you feel uncomfortable, especially with how quickly everyone can notice. You don't want everyone to remember you as the girl that constantly tugged on her dress, or worst - having your strapless falling!

tugging hiking up starpless dress bra

*Model's  dress is unsupported wearing clear straps that has "traditional" bra hooks

Tip 1.

On this picture below "Pin-On Bra Hooks" VS. "Traditional", I decided to show you an example of how wearing the wrong straps can expose your bra and risk a strapless malfunction.

On the right, the clear straps' "Traditional" bra hooks, the bra is peaking out of the strapless (this looks tacky!) while wearing the clear bra straps that has "traditional" bra hooks it clearly shows that the strapless dress remains "UNSUPPORTED". The problem with these type of clear bra straps is the "traditional" bra hook only gives you one option for attachment - only hooking to your bra but NOT to your dress, leaving your dress unsupported, exposing your bra while engaged in movements such as dancing.

If you want the best support for your bra and your dress keep reading below...

clear bra straps for prom dress, adding clear pin straps to strapless dress, traditional bra hooks dillemas

Tip 2.

The left model is wearing clear bra straps BUT the secret for her bra not showing and keeping her strapless in place? A-ha! The secret is in the "Pin-On Bra Hooks" (by Strap N' Guard patented technology). There are many little fashion secrets that celebrities use for looking flawless while on the red carpet, but we have discovered the best. This type of clear bra strap has a built in Pin-On Bra Hook multi functionality.

Unlike the "traditional bra hooks" the Pin-On Bra Hooks give you multiple options for attachment. This picture below shows on the left side the clear straps with Pin-On Bra Hooks, (Strap N' Guard Pin Strap) and on the right side the (Traditional Bra Strap).

clear bra straps with pin feature meatl hook, and tradiotonal clear bra straps plastic hooks

The picture shown below shows you an illustration on how easy Strap N' Guard Pin Straps work;

    Your bra, dress and breasts stay in place all day, even while dancing your heart out. Nothing shifts out of place and no strapless slippage! You can easily remove the Pin Straps from your bra and dress to be able to use these again and again with your other outfits. The final result with these? You'll look flawless and you'll have the best support possible. Every woman should own a pair of Strap N' Guard Pin Straps.

    If you want to learn more about these popular multiway straps you can visit their page here

    how it works, adding straps to prom dress

    1. Hooks to your bra. 
    2. Pin-on hook is released
    3. The pin is attached on upper part of the inside of dress. ( you can repeat this same step on all four locations where you'll feel comfortable ( normally in same location when wearing a bra with straps).
    4. Hooked and pinned to strapless and ready to wear.

    This gives you the ULTIMATE support.

    Tip 3.

    NO SEWING (this is perfect if you don't know how to sew or have no time to sew on bra loops). If your strapless dress have no bra loops ( what I mean is those little fabric loops you often see in the convertible bras for you to engage straps to), Or if you prefer not to wear a bra because your dress already comes with padding (like a built in bra) you can add Strap N' Guard Pin Straps: skip "Step 1", release the pin and add directly to your dress (no bra loops, no sewing and no seamstress). That's what makes these so awesome! It works instantly, with or without a bra, while giving you the perfect look and support. Your mom will be ELATED to know she can save time and money using these multi-functional Pin Straps. 

    diy, no sewing, adding straps to dress


    The Pins Straps are available by Strap N' Guard (



    Tip 4.

    Sometimes if you choose a dress that is low cut on back like this picture below, you'll need a convertible bra that will compliment your dress and keep you looking flawless.

    prom dress low open back, halter prom dress

    Some girls have worn fashion sticky tapes for trying to secure their low cut open back dress and strapless with no luck! They catch them selves constantly pulling on trying to keep their dress from going in the wrong direction.

    Your best way to prevent this from happening is: having an adhesive sticky convertible silicone bra and Strap N' Guard Pin Straps (like on the this photo below). They will have you looking flawless and feeling the most comfortable in no time!

    adhesive sticky bra convertible with clear straps

    This convertible bra is one of the most preferred undergarments to wear with virtually every dress. There are many ways you can configure this style bra but the trick to this style bra is all on the versatility of the Pin Straps. These straps' Pin-On Bra Hooks secure your garments in place and can be used in a variety of ways. If you are looking to add a versatile bra in your closet, this one is a favorite.

    backless bra for low cut dresses, with convertible clear straps

    If you are wearing a cross over dress on front or back, these Strap N' Guard Pin Straps can be configured for just about any style you need to achieve. 

    criss cross bra straps, cross over straps, clear bra straps, silicone bra


    This multiway adhesive bra is currently available to purchase in size C ( fits up to a D). Spring Special: $29.99 (retail price $59.99) while supplies last only.

    Or, you can read more on this style bra here.


    Tip 5.

    Okay, so you go out shopping for your prom dress and you fall in love with that pretty strapless dress you saw through a shop window, but perhaps your school has dress codes you must adhered to.

    You begin to wonder what to do if you get your strapless. Maybe have a seamstress add some straps? But taking it to a seamstress could add up to be a hefty price.

    And, sometimes you decide to wear a strapless dress at the last minute. So, you've ran out of time and now you need a fast way to add straps to your dress...

    What can you do if you're still determined to get that beautiful strapless prom dress?

    a) If you already have a pair of the clear Strap N' Guard Pin Straps, as I mentioned earlier, you can quickly add those to your dress without having to sew and without having to take to a seamstress. It looks flawless and will secure your strapless in place.

    *Model is wearing Strap N' Guard Pin Straps in clear transparent


    b) If you want a little more glam sparkle to your dress, there are many stylish decorative straps to choose from, but keep in mind that is all about the bra hook!  So check the bra hooks before you get your straps.

    c) If you want an instant fix and best support as I mentioned earlier, Straps with Pin-On Bra Hooks by Strap N' Guard will be your best choice. No sewing required, no need taking your dress to a seamstress. Strap N' Guard Pin Straps won't slip on you when wearing a strapless (guaranteed!), and this style straps adheres to your school's dress code.

    You can learn more about these beautiful straps collection on their Etsy shop or on their website online shopping here

     decorative straps, rhinestones crystal straps, accessories for prom dress

    *All Models are wearing the"Pins Straps" by  Strap N' Guard 


    Ultimately, only you can decide what will work for you. I advise you, if you're unsure of which bra, clear bra straps or stylish straps to get for the versatility and best support, try both; the ones with the "pin-latch bra hooks" and the other one with the  "traditional hooks". Move around with them on in a strapless, pull on your dress to see which one stays up and which one falls down. I already know which one works the best, as I use these often and I've demonstrated on the photos illustration above.

    I hope this helps you when choosing what to wear. Keep in mind that before you choose to buy a multi-way bra or bra straps always check the bra hooks. You will notice that the pin-on bra hooks are only available by Strap N' Guard. Get only the best for yourself. It is about time our bra hooks support us ladies in the best possible ways. 

    Come back and leave a comment! Let me know which one worked for you :) Or just tag me with your picture hashtag #StrapnGuard #PinStraps if you've decided to try these with your dress.

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