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model is wearing a fuschia pink strapless dress with decorative heart rhinestone crystal silver color straps

5 Prom Dress Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

5 prom dress tips EVERY GIRL NEEDS to KNOW before heading to their prom in a strapless. A must read!
Showing model bra straps illustration multi styling strap holder clear, elastic fabric with pin latch bra hook, and shoulder rhinestone crystal strap

The ULTIMATE Bra Straps, Strapless Dress Bras Strap SOLUTION

Bra Straps of the 21st Century has finally arrived! Invented by a woman for women. Patent-pending invention universal replacement clear rhinestone elastic bra straps holder converter with pin-latch bra hooks advance technology for use with bras, swimwear, strapless dress, tube tops, racerback, shapewear, lingerie, etc. Also works for plus size, and more.
model wearing replacement bra straps to secure strapless top dress

Tricks that You Can Do In Order to Avoid Strapless Malfunction - Adding Straps to Dress

Although there are a lot of gowns and dresses that women can choose from, strapless dresses are still one of the top choices for people all over the world, even for Hollywood celebrities. But with its beauty comes inevitable circumstances like wardrobe malfunctions.
clear multiway bra straps illustration model wearing strapless dress with clear strap pin latch hooks support

How Clear Bra Straps Are Helping Women Everywhere

Gone are the days of trying to match your bra to your shirt, or having to wear a strapless bra or dress that seems to fall down much too often. Instead, with the invention of clear bra straps ( with pin-latch bra hooks), women everywhere are celebrating. Now you can wear a strapless dress without the embarrassment of your bra straps being exposed, or having to worry about finding just the right size strapless bra or strapless garments that often times falls down.


Boring, ordinary bra straps are a thing of the past. They are no longer something that you need to hide or cover up. Fashionable bra straps are now available for purchase and they can be the perfect way to accentuate and support any strapless clothing. If you want to create a new, fresh look, you need to step outside the ordinary and look at these fashionable items to add to your wardrobe. These bra straps can add dramatic flair to any outfit.