New dress bra straps for women clothing and intimates to secure strapless garments--Rhinestone straps, pearl straps, fabric and clear straps for party dress, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, prom dress, tube or spaghetti tops, bathing suits and bras.


Newest Style Convertible Halter Pin-Strap! Secures and Prevents Strapless Falling--Perfect for Strapless Dress, Bra,Top, Bathing Suit, Dance Costume


New Convertible Halter Pin Strap!

Multifunctional ~ Works with or without a bra ~ Prevents strapless falling ~ Strap N' Guard ® secures all strapless garments in seconds!...

Easily Hooks and Pins to Strapless Clothing, Swimwear, Bras, Bathing Suits, Dance Costumes for the ULTIMATE support!...

Ladies MUST-HAVE Multipurpose New Halter Clear Pin Strap!

StrapN'Guard ~ Everyday wear multifunctional clear halter pin strap (Ultimate Strapless Fashion Solution ; prevents strapless slippage). Easily wraps around the back of your neck....this exclusive ALL-IN-ONE strap easily hooks and pins to strapless bra, convertible bra, strapless clothing, off shoulder tops, strapless tops, strapless dress, swimwear, bathing suits, etc with limitless applications...

Don't leave home without this functional halter clear pin strap...wear it everyday or carry it in your purse for when needed (especially while dancing). Our all-in-one halter clear pin strap is meant for every ladies wardrobe. You will be able to enjoy all your fashions hands free! more more embarrasing moments! Guaranteed to keep your garments and breasts in place. This new clear pin strap is perfect for strapless gowns, party dresses, tube or spaghetti tops/dresses, off-shoulder fashion(s), dance costumes, rompers, bathing suits and strapless bras. The best part? No sewing bra loops anymore.  An effective fashion choice for any outfit...

Easy, just pin and go!

  • Clear Pin Straps are Strong enough to support larger busts...
  • HIGH QUALITY, Strong Rhodium Plating Metal Brooch Pin-Hooks Crystal Clear Polyurathane Straps, Limitless Applications
  • Hypoallergenic Nickle Free Silver hooks, Fully Adjustable
  • Length is 65cm (includes the exclusive brooch hooks which are ergonomically designed and already fixed onto each end of strap) Width is  9/16 of an inch (15mm)
  • Includes: 1 Halter Pin Strap

Strap N' Guard® Worldwide Patents Pending.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! StrapN'Guard already has happy customers in all 50 States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and counting!

On Sale for limited time only while supplies last....

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Strap N' Guard launched in January 2012 and has reached all 50 states to date!

January 2014/UPDATE--NEWS

  • Strap N' Guard launched January 2012 and already has many HAPPY and SATISFIED customers in all 50 States, United Kingdom, four additional countries, the Marshall Islands...
  • Strap N' Guard Featured in Sun Sentinel Newspaper
  • Strap N' Guard Pin Straps now available at AMAZON


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  • "I'm extremely happy with these straps. The work perfectly and are exactly what I expected. The only problem is that since they are clear plastic it's kind of hard to adjust, but..."
    March 27, 2014